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2020, Alberto GarcĂ­a Olmo


My bookshelf. Literally. Love to give them away once I've read them, so feel free to contact!



I don't believe in singles. I listen to full albums. All the time. From the first song to the last one. Working. Commuting. Working out. I take music as a form of meditation and accept all kinds of it. Also love album cover art. It says a lot about what's inside. Here are my favourites ones so far.

in no particular order

About me

Mi nombre es Alberto GarcĂ­a.
Tengo 23 años y soy economista.

About opentabs

Pestañas Abiertas es mi blog personal, que nace en 2019, cubriendo una aleatoria amplia gama de temas que me interesan.

El blog nace porque tengo déficit y exceso de atención según el momento del tiempo.